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Yay, Family!

On a writer’s forum that I frequent, there’s currently a thread about family – unsupportive family. Parents, siblings and cousins that just don’t get the whole writing thing, keep asking when the writer is going to get a “real job”, have never read any of the writer’s books, and just generally unsupportive. 
My family is the opposite. They’re great. They’ve all read my first novella. My mother bought 7 copies of it – one ebook and six paperbacks to give to various older family members who were all quite thrilled. My siblings were among my first readers – my brother even bought two paperbacks so he could give one to his mate. My Dad who hadn’t read a book since the 1990’s, downloaded mine and sat on the beach and read it in two hours. He’d previously warned me that it might take him a while to read it, but once he started he said he couldn’t put it down.
So, thank you for being awesome, oh family of mine. 
Up to 99 sales for March. One more, one more! 

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