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First Month!

It’s been exactly one month since The Last Day on Earth went live on Amazon.

I had a very soft release. I told a handful of people, then after a few weeks and a cover change, announced it to my wider circle. Initial responses have, on the whole, been supportive and positive.

As of typing, I’ve had:

  • 58 paid ebook sales
  • 8 Amazon Prime borrows
  • 7 paperback sales (disclaimer – 6 of these were to my Mum. I think she’s hoarding them in case I become famous)

All in all, which should net me a bit over $140. Woohoo! I’m a hundredaire! I’ll know for sure in mid-March when the finalised February sales reports are released.
Overall I think it’s safe to say that I’m pretty happy with the experience so far!


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