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Happy Holidays

I hope everyone’s having a good holiday season!

My Christmas was quite lovely – I spent it on the Sunshine Coast (Canada’s version, not Australia’s) with my partner’s family, and thanks to Skype, I got to join in with my own family back in Australia as they exchanged gifts. Almost felt like I was there!

We’re gearing up for New Years Eve now, and heading back to the Coast as it is also my partner’s parents 30th wedding anniversary! They’re a fantastic role model as a couple. I hope that I’m still as happy and in love 30 years into my marriage!

Getting ready to put the finishing touches on The Last Day on Earth, then hold my breath and release it to the ethers.

I don’t have very high expectations for this release. It’s my first. No one knows me. I’m going to have to try and control myself and not log into KDP and check my sales every 15 minutes.

I’m nervous and excited.

Happy New Years, everyone. May 2013 be a wonderful year.


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